Western-Armenian Cooking class

Western-Armenian Cooking class: Photo
from 6 000 amd

During the class you will learn how to make dishes from the menu of Western-Armenian Haykanush Restaurant such as «Apple pie», «Lahmajun» and «Beet leaf salad». Afterwards all participants of the class will enjoy a dinner served with dishes from the class along with other food items from the standard menu.

Number of participant: from 3 to 7 people. Children up to 7 y.o. participate free of charge. Parent's presence is a must.

Booking: 2 days in advance.

Location: Haykanoush Restaurant.

Time period: from 13:00 till 18:00.

Duration: up to 1.5 h.

Dishes and menu items in this class include tomato and cucumber salad, Lori cheese, beet leaf salad, bread/lavash, apple pie, Lahmajun, tea/coffee and water.